Why Am I Doing This, Again?

Dallas isn’t my first marathon. That honor goes to the Walt Disney World Marathon of 2016. It’s not even my first time to attempt to run Dallas. The first time I tried to run Dallas as a full marathon was December of 2016. Having run Disney in January of that year, I figured a second marathon to finish the year wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (Besides, I’ve always been a fan of long races in November – March because they help ensure I keep running through the holiday stress and holiday eating.) It didn’t go well that year: between calf cramps and other setbacks, I ended up making it to mile 15 before I had to throw in the towel. And that’s how I notched the first DNF (did not finish) of my running life.


That DNF has bugged me. It still bugs me. So, this go around is about “setting the record straight.” I’m not that worried about how long it takes me to get to the finish line (although, if a miracle happens and I manage to qualify for Boston, I won’t object 😉). I’m just more concerned that I complete the entire course, this time. This is really about me proving to myself that I’ve done this before and that I can do it, again.


Every part of me wants to panic…mostly because that’s what I tend to do with less that 5 weeks to race day. And, yes, part of me has actually considered dropping down to the half marathon, instead. But–barring illness or injury–I’m still planning on running the full. All signs point to 26.2…again.

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