So Far, So Good

I’m coming up on the halfway point of training. In other words, I’ve got about 8 more weeks until the Dallas Marathon. And so far, aside from a ridiculous amount of rain, training has been mostly uneventful: just the usual 6 days of training around a full-time job, marriage, etc. And yet, I must admit that this round of training has actually felt easier than training for Rock N Roll Dublin.


I realize “easier” is a wildly relative term when we’re talking about marathon training, so let me explain. My goal for Dublin was to try and set a new PR. This time, however, my only goal is to finish—no time goal; just get across the finish line upright and in my own power. When I ran Dallas in 2016, I didn’t finish; I made it to mile 15 before I had to throw in the towel…and it’s bugged me ever since.


So, this time, around, my only goal for this race is to set the record straight and cover all 26.2 miles of the course. I don’t care if it takes me 6 hours or if I end up qualifying for Boston (it’s a long shot, but a girl can dream, right? 😉). And because that’s the only goal—finish well—this round of training feels vastly different even as it involves considerably more time and mileage. Running to finish has taken an enormous amount of weight off my shoulders. It’s granted me a clarity about my own abilities as a runner that I didn’t quite have the last time around.


Maybe I should forego the time goals more often.

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