Summer Running

Aside from the summer I started, I’ve tended to dial back my running routine during the summer months. Since I live in Texas, I loathe walking across a parking lot to my car during the summer months much less run 4 days a week. As such, I’ve tended to focus on races in late fall or winter. It means race training doesn’t begin in earnest until the middle or end of August: just in time for the temperatures to gradually become more bearable.

Then my husband decided he wanted to run a marathon as part of our honeymoon. In August. So, in the name of an unconventional honeymoon adventure, I started training in the middle of May and have watched the thermometer rise as the miles added up each week. Needless to say, it’s been an interesting experience to put in race-level work during a Texas summer.

So, I thought I’d take a minute and share some of what it means to run during the summer.

  • Summer running means a hot, sweaty, glaring reminder that I’m a glutton for punishment. Granted, I’ve been this way my whole life. But there’s nothing like rising temperatures to realize the inner masochist is alive and well.
  • Summer running means the near-permanent addition of tan lines around my watch, wedding band, socks, etc. I also think there’s the beginning of a tan line on my nose from my sunglasses. And you should see my husband’s farmers’ tan; that’s impressive.
  • Summer running means SPF 50 is my friend if I run during daylight hours. Who doesn’t love the smell of Coppertone?
  • Speaking of daylight, summer running means a dogged determination to find all the shady patches of my route if I’m running during the day. Now, in Texas, the shade doesn’t always provide that much relief, but it’s still better than nothing.
  • Summer running means pre-dawn workouts are a great way to avoid the heat…even if it does mean more humidity. 4AM is my friend!
  • Summer running means I *might* know where all the water fountains in the nearby parks are located. 😉
  • Summer running means the Camelbak stays in my fridge to make sure I have cold water for long runs (because not all long runs take me through the parks).
  • Summer running means the realization that the freezing (and sub-freezing) temps and the need for 3 layers of clothes this past winter suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Honestly, I *might* be looking forward to those kinds of conditions, again.
  • By the same token, though, summer running means gratitude for the fact that I only need one layer of clothes to go outside.
  • Summer running means relief that it should be at least 20 degrees cooler in Ireland next month.
  • Summer running means the chance to see nature in full bloom. Check out the picture below!
  • Summer running means love for the homes and businesses with sprinkler systems. Take what you can get, right?
  • Summer running means the chance to see what I can and can’t do in different weather conditions.

And, ultimately, summer running has meant a growing gratitude for the fact that–despite the heat, the humidity, the salt/sweat/sunscreen combo–I’m able to run in the first place. There may come a day when I’m no longer able to run, but this summer has reminded me that I’m nowhere near that point. This summer has reminded me that, for all the frustrations that come with the season, training this time of year has opened up a whole new set of reasons to be grateful.

So, this may not be my favorite time of year to run, but I’ll do it anyway because I can and because it’s worth it.

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