Worth the Read

Somewhere back in the spring, I’d heard that American marathon legend Deena Kastor had released a book. Ever the good bookworm, I made sure to add it to the ever-growing to-be-read list, and I finally started reading her memoir two weeks ago. When you’re deep in race training, reading about other runners is the perfect choice. 😉


This post won’t be a full-blown review, but I will recommend this book to runners and non-runners, alike. Kastor and Hamilton write in such a way that it feels like you’re sitting down and just listening to an old friend tell a story. It’s not bogged down with technical runner jargon, so it’s easy for non-runners to follow along. And as she tells her story, she also lays out the mental work that allowed her to become a champion runner.


It was definitely fascinating to read about the life of an American legend (and if you do a quick Google search of Kastor’s accomplishments, you’ll know “legend” is not an exaggeration). But Kastor’s book is more than just a listing of victories. The writing radiates with Kastor’s positivity, and as she progresses, her story provides helpful tips, insights, and encouragement along the way. And as is often the case, the lessons and encouragement Kastor provides hold true not only in running, but the rest of life, as well.


I was sad to reach the end of this book, last night, which means I’ll be reading this one, again, eventually. Kastor left me feeling like I could not only become a better runner, but a better person, as well, and for that, I am grateful.

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