On Weekends & Holidays

Yes, I still run on holidays.


Why? Because training schedules don’t care that it’s Memorial Day; I still have to put in the work. But, the nice thing is that holiday runs, and weekend runs, are a little different. Monday through Friday, race training demands pre-dawn runs along a well-lit route through town. But, weekends and holidays–depending on the distance, my schedule, etc.–I can sleep in a bit and run later. Running later means the sun is probably up (or comes up while I’m out). And running with more light means I get to run through one of my favorite parks.


This particular park is set up more like a mini nature preserve. So, in addition to less car traffic, it lets me forget that I live in the middle of suburbia and concrete. And right now, I’m fortunate because there’s a host of wildflowers in bloom, and it looks amazing. Scroll down and take a look at the few shots I snapped this morning.

Make no mistake, there’s definitely a time goal I want to meet for Rock N Roll Dublin, and there’s definitely work to be done. BUT, when you come across a scene like this, sometimes you’ve just got to say “screw it” and enjoy it. Slow down. Forget about that perfect pace. Take the picture. Savor the beauty that’s right in front of you. See the world around you in a different light.


Happy Memorial Day.

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