Running on Mondays

*Alarm goes off at 4AM*


*Hit the snooze button*

*Sleepily pet the cat (who’s been waiting an hour for you to wake up) ask myself if I really have to do this*

*Alarm goes off, again*

*Turn off the alarm, this time. Deep sigh, and check the weather conditions*

*Change into the running clothes. Let the dog out. Grab the running shoes. Try not to loathe the dog’s early morning cheerfulness*

*Grab the watch. Out the door. Wait for the GPS watch to find the signal. And I’m off*

*Do the work of run, walk, run, walk. Savor the dark, the playlist, and the early-morning solitude*

*Make my way back home feeling like I can conquer the world*

Now for the rest of the day.


The first day of my training week is Monday, which always seems to be the hardest day of the week to get out the door and run. Barring a few variations, the scene you read above will play out every Monday morning through the end of the year.


And yet, when I don’t cave in, it’s always worth it.

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