Day 1

Translation: never let the first mile determine what you think the rest of your run will be, especially for longer runs. It’s easy to have a stellar first mile only to fall apart in subsequent miles (been there). Conversely, it’s also possible to make your way through a crummy first mile only to “redeem” yourself later on in your run. It’s too early in the first mile to make any assumptions about what’s coming in mile two, mile twelve, or mile twenty. The solution: worry about whatever moment you’re in.

By extension, I’d say the same applies to the beginning of race training. This morning was my first training run for Rock N Roll Dublin, and all things considered, it wasn’t a bad run. In fact, there were plenty of elements that bode well for the rest of training. It’d be really easy to assume that the rest of this week (or even the rest of training) is going to go well. And yet, the fact remains it’s just too early to say how this training cycle or this race will or won’t go.

So what’s the moral of the story on day 1 of race training? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Work and run in this moment.

(Photo from the Rock N Roll Marathon Race Series Pinterest feed)

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