Why Running

“Why run?” Sometimes the question comes from a place of genuine curiosity. Sometimes it’s from awe. And sometimes it’s from sheer incredulity. But, regardless of the impetus, it’s the inevitable question that comes to the surface when people find out I’m a runner. And even if they don’t ask the question out loud, I can still see it lingering in their eyes: why on earth would you choose to run?


The first time I chose to run, I was 19 years old and nursing a broken heart. What better way to distract yourself than pounding the pavement…in South Carolina…during the summer? It definitely wasn’t pretty, but it provided the perfect distraction to let my heart heal. And in the meantime, I got to discover a new hobby that would come to shape so much of who I am.


These days, I’m long past the broken heart that started it all, but I’m still running. Why? Good question! I run because I need a challenge. I run because I love discovering what I can do. I run because I’m a much better person than when I don’t run. I run because it lets me forget about everything for a while.


I run because the world looks a little different when you run by it. I run because there’s nothing quite like it. And I run because, most of the time, it’s pretty fun.


Now to wind down and gear up for the first day of race training, tomorrow.

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